Comic speculation in 2020 is a hard game to play. With the proliferation of information available through any number of websites, apps, sales data trackers, etc., it is next to impossible to get an edge when considering what books will pop in the near future. What lots of of us are forced to do is resort to waiting for a rumor or an announcement, and by that point, it is probably too late. We’ve missed the boat on incredible value and are left to ride the roller coaster of news that sends the value of a book on a lot more ups and downs than a leading character story arc.

Case in point: I am not sure even the most hardcore comic news fans had much reason to believe that Disney was planning on a Shang Chi motion picture before rumors started leaking in early spring 2019. When trying to play connect the dots on the next stages of the MCU, that character didn’t seem immediately relevant, so lots of likely dismissed it. In the spring, CGC 9.0 copies of marvel special edition #15 (the first appearance) were selling as low as $450-$500. By the end of July, when it became clear Shang Chi would be announced in the MCU, CGC 9.0 copies were selling for $1,000-$1,200. Although they have come down considering that to an average of about $700 in the last five documented sales, it’s impossible to unring the rumor bell. These books will spike again with the next news cycle.

So how do collectors and speculators find value before the value fades away? often it’s a lot more about looking back than looking forward. What has recent news drowned out that has the potential to spike back in a significant way? What follows are three ideas of books that could make a renewal in the months and years to come.

Marvel Premiere #47

Lost in all the hype of the new MCU entrances (Moon Knight, Eternals, She-Hulk, etc.), plus all of the existing characters who have newly-announced projects (Falcon, wintertime Soldier, Hawkeye, Loki, etc.) is Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. We shouldn’t forget that this character has already starred in two wildly entertaining and plot-pushing motion pictures and a third has recently been confirmed.

You have to run down the list of “firsts” a bit before you get to MP #47, which likely keeps it under the radar. It’s not the first appearance of Ant-Man (that is Tales to Astonish #35). It’s not the first Wasp (Tales to Astonish #44). It’s not even the first Scott Lang appearance (Avengers #181). but MP #47 is the first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man and the first appearance of Cassie Lang, his daughter.

Cassie, who later becomes Stature, has already appeared in two MCU films and if the studio ever makes a decision to green-light a young Avengers project, she would be front and center (check out young Avengers #6).

Almost 85% of the CGC census on this book lives at 8.0 or higher, so that’s the range we need to consider. Copies in a 9.8 have begun to sell under $500 in the past five months, and 9.6 slabs have sold for under $200 four registered times considering that August. Is it a coincidence that this was the timeframe of D23 and the huge marvel announcements? When Ant-Man was not mentioned, did the price begin to crater? Perhaps, and that indicates now is the time to act.

Sub-Mariner #35

As long as we are talking underrated, I have to mention The Defenders. I’m not talking the Netflix Defenders, but the OG team of Namor, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, and Hulk. This group represents some of the most sustainable and timeless characters in marvel history. and while marvel feature #1 (first full team appearance) and Defenders #1 (first solo title) should have their place among highly-priced crucial issues, the origin of the team, as it were, is criminally overlooked.

In this story, the U.S. authorities wrongly assume Namor, Hulk, and Silver Surfer indicate to take over an experimental weather device, so they call in the Avengers to defend it. After some brief fighting, the mistake is realized and cooler heads prevail. The three heroes go their own way, but the last panel of the comic leaves us with the cliffhanger that Namor believes the “Three Titans” will team up again.

They, of course, do team up again, except with odd instead of the Surfer. Silver Surfer rejoins the team in Defenders #2. call it a cameo or an origin story if you must, but this issue is the beginning of The Defenders. With Hulk and odd already on the MCU roster and Namor rumored to be on the way, this team and book might start heating up soon.

Just over 200 copies exist on the census, with the majority falling in the low-9 to 8.0 range. based on recent sales data, a copy in the 9.0-9.4 range must not cost a lot more than about $200, with prices plummeting down below $100 if you are delighted with an 8.0-8.5. Raw copies are available on eBay ideal now for less than $30. Under $30? Hang on.

OK, not anymore.

Brave and the bold #54

Here we have the classic first appearance of the teen Titans (Robin, kidnull

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