during the Silver Age, marvel Comics produced much more renowned superheroes than ever before, or since. two of these characters are this month’s top Silver Age comics: Silver Surfer as well as Black Panther. Both of these legends were born during a time of fantastic cultural upheaval with tunes like “California Dreamin” by The Mamas as well as the Papas (number one tune of 1966) or “Hey Jude” by The Beatles (1968) playing on the radio. The cultural modifications were so extreme we are still handling the after effects today.

In its wake, this artist transformation left us with two supreme superheroes, a cosmic herald as well as the “Once as well as Future King” of Wakanda. Last month they both dominated the GoCollect rankings in the top three. The top three comics for the Silver Age last month are worth a look. Speculators trade contemporary Age books, relocation in as well as out of Bronze Age however numerous own the Silver Age for long-lasting investment. Is it “surf’s up” for conjecture on the Wakandan King as well as the Cosmic Herald?





The Silver Surfer #1

This late Silver Age book has spiraled up considerably because Disney talked about obtaining the rights to the FF from 21st Century Fox. This specific book has offered as high as $27,000 in September 2017. This is Silver Surfer’s origin story, the very first problem to self-titled series, as well as very first appearance of Zenn-La as well as the gorgeous Shalla-Bal. produced by the late, fantastic Stan Lee, with John Buscema, as well as gene Colan (art). The overall exceptional CGC Census books is a bit high at 4,056. however that ought to not deter you as Silver Surfer [is deserving of] at least three movies, particularly if his owner Galactus shows up.




Grade 8.5 $1,680 last sale 1-27-20 returns unfavorable -3.8%

Grade 7.5 $1,125 last sale 2-11-20 returns positive +9%

Grade 5.0 $500 last sale 2-11-20 returns positive +11.6%

Grade 1.8 $239 last sale 1-19-20 returns positive +21%

The short-term returns have been mixed, to state the least. However, it is extremely positive that grade 1.8 has a +21% return. As speculators, we always want to see the lower grades take part in a run-up. short-term or long, you can’t beat The Silver Surfer #1.



Fantastic four #52

There is something to be stated about purchasing what you like. The bottom line, you will never be dissatisfied in returns or conjecture as you delight in the comic book. That aside, my youngster purchased one of these back 8 years back for $30 as well as now it is worth $850! That is a great deal of Qautloo to spend in one Galaxy, even for a marvel comic book. The CGC Census has about 4,072 books in stock for FF #52, much like its counterpart above, these are not fantastic however the long-lasting results outweigh the CGC Census blues. Can the Black Panther’s very first appearance in great four #52 still make your inner speculator purr? great kitty. What are a few of the much more recent returns for this ferocious feline?


Grade 7.5 $1,500 last sale 1-27-20 returns positive +10.5%

Grade 5.5 $510 last sale 2-5-20 returns positive +12%

Grade 3.0 $280 last sale 2-11-20 returns unfavorable -21%

Grade 1.0 $197 last sale 2-13-20 returns positive +63.5%!!!

“Always bet on black…” particularly when he uses a vibranium indestructible fit as well as has the power of the Black Panther! If the pattern is our buddy then Black Panther has fantastic numbers in the extremely low as well as extremely high grade, however it appears like the middling grades are losing a bit value short-term. Darned speculators! before you get your whiskers in a bunch, keep in mind there is lots of catnip in the lower grades. inspect out that grade 1.0 return, yep sufficient to make you meow at the moon.


Fantastic four #48

The very first appearance of the Silver Surfer as well as his master Galactus is a huge event in the marvel Universe. This major book was much less expensive three years ago. now it is costly as well as in my humble viewpoint a bit as well pricey. stick with the lower grades on this poor boy, there is still money to make, after all, we haven’t even gotten a confirmation of an FF film at marvel Studios. This book has 5,700 CGC Census books outstanding, as well as who understands exactly how numerous at CBCS or beyond. Still, it is lucrative long-lasting as well as short-term great four #48 has had “Cosmic” results?


Grade 9.0 $5,302 last sale 1-29-20 returned unfavorable -10.3%

Grade 8.5 $5,930 last sale 1-19-20 returns positive +17%

Grade 6.5 $1,999 last sale 2-13-20 returns positive +19.6%


The great four #48 is king for the last month of all Silver Age comics, as an investment, it is stellar. The short-term numbers are mixed however fairly positive. between this as well as The Silver Surfer #1 I choose the 1968 book SS#1 as it has much more space to run up as well as isn’t as pricey. Thenull

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