Michael Keaton In Talks To Play Batman again In Flash Movie, Is The DCEU is in Crisis?


A new report says that Tim Burton’s Batman may glide again in future DC films as they work out how to present their cinematic universe. Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to play Batman again in the upcoming DCEU Flash film and possibly other cameos. This implies that the actor will be an anchor point for two major superhero cinematic universes. many recently, Michael Keaton donned a winged costume for Spider-Man: Homecoming in the MCU. He will reprise that role in Morbius, efficiently anchoring Sony’s Spider-Verse as MCU adjacent. Apparently, in taking up the mantle of the Bat yet again, he will serve as a kind of lynchpin for the DC Multiverse as well.

This weekend, the perennial rumor that Jeffery Dean Morgan was in talks to play the Thomas Wayne Batman in the Flash film surfaced again. It’s possible that those rumblings were actually about these Bat-talks. Or, it’s equally possible, that Warner Bros. is moving forward the Flash film in a real way that includes both Batmen. Still, it sounds like the film side of DC is finally going to take a cue from the television side. They are bringing in a multiverse.

Given the success of the crisis On unlimited Earths CW crossover, and that it united them into one “universe,” it seems that the film side is ready for the next run at that storyline. Of course, before you can have a crisis that consumes the multiverse, you have to establish a multiverse. and it looks like they are planning on making the Flash and Batman of Earth-89 central to that idea.


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Michael Keaton Is just In Talks to Play Batman again in the DCEU Flash Movie

image through Warner Bros.

Honestly, this is one of those ideas where you can practically forgive people for taking the rumor and running with it like it is a done deal. That Michael Keaton is in talks to play Batman again in the DCEU Flash film is probably true. It comes from a very reputable source. However, “talks” implies that it’s not a done deal. Usually, leaks to the trades like this are part of the negotiating process.

Here’s what THR reported:

“Michael Keaton… is in talks to reprise the character for Warner Bros.’s DC movie, The Flash.

“But wait, there’s more. If a deal makes, Keaton wouldn’t just return for Flash but possibly for several other DC-oriented film projects. sources tell THR that the role being visualized for the veteran actor is akin to the role played by Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury in the marvel Cinematic Universe, something of a mentor or guide or even string puller. Batgirl is one the projects in development that could fall under that win.”

Warner Bros. had no official comment, and the trade didn’t mention reaching out to Michael Keaton for comment, either.

Yet, this could be just what the DCEU needs in purchase to make sense of the multiple changes in strategy, not the least of which is Ben Affleck leaving the role of Batman behind. While that version of the character fit the role of mentor, he was also extremely dark. (But not the darkest Batman, that goes to Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne in his Batwoman appearance.) Keaton’s Batman could certainly fill that role, on the lookout for the oncoming crisis.

Also, because it sounds like Ezra Miller’s Flash is going to go hopping around the multiverse, it’s also possible we might see his cameo from CW’s The Flash from his point of view. Marc Guggenheim said that DC and Warner Bros. reached out to him to include the scene. That could imply that Andy Muschietti wants to include grant Gustin in the movie. (It would be a good Easter Egg for fans, and something that marvel never successfully pulled off: tying together their TV and film storylines.)

Still, none of this is a done deal.

What Michael Keaton’s Batman could do in the DCEU and how It relates to Crisis

image through Warner Bros. (Just look at that Batman.)

The original crisis On unlimited Earths comic book event was a standalone story, but comics creators revisited it time and time again. There was much more than one crisis in the books, so there might as well be much more than one crisis in live-action. possibly after the events of TV’s Crisis, which did include the Tim Burton corner of the multiverse through a Robert Wuhl cameo, Keaton’s Batman becomes aware of the continued threat.

So, like Nick Fury did in assembling the Avengers, this Batman could zip through the multiverse, collecting heroes for an eventual crisis crossover film event. even better, the crisis need not be imminent, as it would allow DC to have the freedom to develop different versions of the same properties, such as the teen Titans, green Lanterns, and the various Flashes. Really, the possibilities are unlimited for DC.

The MCU is committed to their inter-connected single universe (despite the introduction of a multiverse with WandaVision anddoctor unusual In the Multiverse of Madness). In trying to catch up to marvel Studios, DC ended up unable to create the same thing. Yet, thanks to the multiverse, any DC character, old or new, can co-exist simultaneously. With Henry Cavill reportedly working out a similar deal to stay on as Superman, this seems to be the direction they are going.

What do you think? Do you hope the talks with Michael Keaton to play Batman again in the DCEU Flash film pan out? let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image through Warner Bros.

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