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Flavor #1

Joseph Keatinge has written Shutter, Glory, Ringside, as well as more. Wook Jin Clark has drawn experience Time: The flip Side, routine Show, as well as more, in addition to composing as well as drawing Megagogo. Now, they’re joining forces for Flavor, a tale of chefs, family, as well as food coming soon from picture Comics. Both creators just recently provided Westfield’s Roger Ash a look at what’s in store for this new series.

Westfield: exactly how did you two come together for Flavor?

Wook Jin Clark: Joe as well as I satisfied at an ECCC perhaps six or seven years ago? Haha, sorry my memory is a huge foggy. Yeah, we satisfied there as well as ended up being buddies quite quickly. We talked about working together someday, as well as it just took us this long for our routine to line up as well as a job to truly fit!

Joseph Keatinge: While we satisfied at emerald City Comic Con, we likewise made a decision to work together at a different emerald City Comic con a few years later. As soon as I left my table to look for an artist to work together with, I occurred to run into Wook Jin – who I see with regularity at house – as well as he was walking around trying to find work. It was the ideal place, ideal time for both of us.

Flavor #1 preview page 1

Westfield: Did the increase of star chefs from Food Network as well as shows like Hell’s kitchen area influence you at all?

Keatinge: less so the star chefs themselves as well as a lot more so the increase of chef shows about young kids as well as the method their enthusiasm was turned into competition as well as business commodity at such a young age. I was enjoying Chopped Jr. with somebody who works in education as well as they noted it was evident to them the youngsters were always just crying before they started filming. It was a major jolt – the whole reason these youngsters were on this show was because of their like of their craft. The concept that it was turned into this emotionally treachorus experience started me believing about the ramifications for this. I already conceived flavor by this time, however the believed had a major effect on exactly how I approached the series.

Clark: Ah, not really. I am a fan of Gordon Ramsay though. I believe he’s awesome. I like Hell’s kitchen area as well as like exactly how very brutal however likewise transparent he can be. I feel like there may be a character in flavor that is similar to him! other star chefs I’m not as familiar with to be honest. I seldom get a possibility to enjoy tv, as well as if I turn on Food Network, I’ll prolly just get hungry as well as end up snacking as well as not working.

Flavor #1 preview page 2

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in Flavor?

Keatinge: Within a odd walled city, chefs are the utmost star as well as food is the most valued commodity. however underage, unlicensed chef Xoo is about to discover a secret that just may bring whatever crumbling down.

Prepare your palate for the high-stakes competition of The Hunger Games, steeped in the enticingly rich world-building of Hayao Miyazaki. flavor is Iron chef satisfies assault on Titan, with dashes of Avatar the Last Airbender!

Clark: I believe visitors can look ahead to being brought into a world with ease. Joe as well as I have both talked about not wanting to cram so much into the reader’s deal with as well quick as well as not provide them a possibility to take in what they requirement to. I hope that visitors will come to see that the world of flavor will envelope them, as well as they can empathize with a few of the characters ideal away.

Westfield: who are a few of the characters visitors will meet?

Clark: Xoo is our primary protagonist. She’s a industrious private who just wishes to take care of her household as well as do what she likes to do, cook. Buster is her finest buddy as well as doggy sidekick in the kitchen area as well as in life. Geof is Xoo’s uncle who rolls into town unnannounced as well as swiftly becomes a problem to Xoo. nobody likes modification coming in to shake up their world, as well as Geof does that. I believe the primary aspect that ties them all together is they have a similar goal, they just see it unfolding in different ways.

Flavor #1 preview page 3

Westfield: exactly how much world building did you do for the series?

Clark: Joe as well as I have been toying around with this job loosely for over a year/maybe a year as well as a half? I’ve been doodling as well as laying out world stuff as well as different chefs that will show up for awhile. I’m ecstatic when the other chefs begin to appear as well as I’ll get to play around a lot more with the aesthetics of different tools as well as foods!

Keatinge: Yeah, we worked in fantastic detail about exactly how the world would work before either of us started on script or art. provided the nature of the series – as well as this will ended up being a lot more evidence as it goes on – it was important to work it out in methods we may never get to in the series itself, however want to have in the back of our heads.

Westfield: exactly how much of what the chef’s do when cooking  is based on actual food/recipes as well as exactly how much is just fanciful?

Clark: A fair amount is based in the genuine world. There are some fantasy elemental foods in the series, however whatever is being made with those products might be substituted out for something else that performs in truth exist. Ali Bouzari is a food expert on our book as well as a Culinary Scientist. He amazes me with what he knows, as well as can describe to me as well as Joe exactly how food works on a chemical level. He’s bringing different concepts that will ideally make people believe a lot more about what we eat as well as take in as well as why!

Flavor #1 preview page 4

Westfield: What can you state about your collaboration?

Clark: Joe is a buddy so it’s been fantastic to lastly work with him! Tamra Bonvillain is just the best! I just recently satisfied both her as well as Ariana Maher, our letterer, at ECCC this year. They are two superstars as well as I’m so ecstatic as well as pumped we are a team together. When satisfying them it wasn’t like satisfying somebody for the very first time, however a lot more of a group of buddies catching up. I believe it’s unusual to get along so well as well as so quickly out the entrance as well as I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Tamra makes me look method much better than I am haha. She’s incredible. I truly cannot state sufficient fantastic things about her! as well as Ariana is a true professional. She is wonderful as well as courteous as well as always does remarkable work!

Haha. quite much what I’m stating is I like this team!

Keatinge: Ditto. This team makes the book for me. My preferred aspect of comics is the collaborative angle – where everybody brings their own talents to type something which wouldn’t exist without them.

Flavor #2

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Clark: If you take pleasure in food, fantasy, or household oriented stories please inspect it out as well as provide it a chance!

Thanks once again for interviewing us! I understand we are all pumped to put it available as well as ideally get people not just into the book however getting visitors to believe a lot more about food, what we eat, as well as why we eat it! I have definitely altered my diet plan considering that working on this book!

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