motion picture rumors kept the comic market turning this week as Beta Ray Bill, Michael Korvac, X-Force, as well as Catwoman propelled their crucial problems to new heights. Let’s look at this week’s most popular comics.

More specifically, those MCU rumors ruled the most popular Comics, however what else is new? That is what drives the comic service in the 21st century, as well as even the most implausible of gossip can activate a mad dash for a hot crucial issue. Here’s what was selling this week.

Don’t fail to remember that the most popular Comics are based on graded comic sales on eBay, as well as it is just for the past week. The complying with listing comprises the five comics that had the largest upward swing compared to seven days ago. While it is not based on fair market value, those FMVs tend to line up with a comic’s popularity.

41. THOR #337 (+958)

Beta Ray expense ruled the most popular Comics index this week, at least as far as the greatest movers. In the past week, his very first appearance almost cracked the 1k mark for positions gained. Of course, Thor #337 stays hot week after week thanks to the many rumors of his approaching MCU debut. 

Why wouldn’t there be rumors? marvel Studios has provided us two Beta Ray expense Easter eggs. We very first saw what appeared to be a figure using a red cloak in the Collector’s chamber in the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Years later, his intergalactic equine deal with decorated the side of the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor: Ragnarok. Kevin Feige even went on record stating that expense was written into the Ragnarok script, however the studio wished to save him for something bigger.

Judging by the popularity of this problem (not to mention the prices), Beta Ray Bill’s full debut in the MCU will strike the roofing off things. even though the higher grades keep getting a lot more expensive, the values will erupt on that day, so don’t sit on the fence as well long when it pertains to Thor #337. At the moment, a 9.8 has a 90-day fair market value of $729. In fact, whatever all the method down to the 6.5 is averaging in the three-figure range. Make no mistake, those will be bargains compared to the costs when he is lastly verified for the MCU.


Those MCU rumors have a method of firing up the comic market like nothing else. Not only do we have Beta Ray Bill’s very first appearance sending shockwaves with the comic community, however now we see Michael Korvac’s debut shooting with the ranks. The Korvac we see in the pages of Giant-Size Defenders #3 is not the exact same as the one who would later get the power cosmic as well as feud with the Avengers. Here, he appears like a area pirate fused to a flying wheelchair. Nonetheless, it is his very first appearance.

What has this heating up is the current motion picture rumors. Korvac has commonly been the subject of MCU conjecture going back years. The word around the Web is that he will be the villain in the Captain marvel sequel. will it pan out? That’s difficult to say, particularly considering that the rumor mill has already churned out a number of concepts for the Captain marvel 2 antagonist. In other words, who understands what will occur either with Cap 2 or Korvac?

Not only are we seeing a jump in sales volume, however the fair market values are skyrocketing as well. Take the 9.6. Last year, it averaged less than $800, as well as now it is consistently earning $1,300 or more. even the 6.0, which occurred to be the lowest grade offered so far this month, reached a record high of $135 just last week.

53. UNCANNY X-MEN #191 (+947)

There might be two reasons this is unexpectedly soaring with the most popular Comics index. the most evident is the cover. right here we have Vision battling Colossus. even though the X-Men did not end up being connected to WandaVision, collectors may still have been gunning for anything linking mutants to the show. pair Vision’s popularity with his cover appearance on an X-Men comic, as well as you have a recipe for success.

The other aspect is that UXM #191 is the very first appearance of Nimrod, the futuristic Terminator-type robot who plagues the X-Men. In the comics, the latest, most-sophisticated version of Nimrod controls a dark alternating truth in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run. It is just one more reason for collectors to want to pick up a copy of their own.

By no indicates is this a major key, as well as that is a great thing for purchasers since it indicates lower prices. earlier this month, a 9.8 swapped owners for $200, providing it a 90-day typical of $182. If you are seeking to save money without compromising much on the quality, choose the 9.6. The last one to offer was for $70.

56. new MUTANTS #100 third print (+944)

Before they graduated from Xavier’s institution for gifted children as well as ended up being X-Force, they were the new Mutants. New Mutants #100 was the final problem of the ornull

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