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Roger Ash

by Roger Ash

Don’t worry; you haven’t inadvertently stumbled into a J. Jonah Jameson editorial. However, I am going to look at the world of superheroes, however first, a bit of a digression.

This past year, my fascination with the area program has been reawakened. Yes, the Mars rover Curiosity has played a part in that, however so has checking out the Kansas Cosmosphere in addition to books I’ve checked out as well as DVDs I’ve watched. It’s restored the question as well as intrigue of area exploration that I felt as a kid enjoying a moon landing on TV. I’m likewise influenced by the guy as well as women who’ve been a part of the area program as well as the commitment as well as sacrifices they’ve made. Some have rather actually provided their lives. These are people I see as heroes; they definitely all have flaws, however they increase about them to ended up being an motivation as well as show the great that humanity is capable of as well as the question of the world around us.

Amazing Spider-Man #217

To an extent, this sense of question as well as motivation was what very first drawn in me to superhero comics back in the late-70s as well as early-80s. I checked out stories of a man who was a nerd in school, like me, who was likewise a hero who fought criminal offense as well as might swing with the air on ropes of thread. There was a man who had no powers except his body as well as his razor-sharp mind who given justice a few of the most deranged villains ever. There was a family, each with amazing powers, who fought menaces throughout the galaxy, yet still behaved like a “normal” family. as well as there were likewise Norse Gods who fought dragons, people who might fly with area under their own power, as well as mutants who fought for the people who hated them.

Fantastic four #236

These comics weren’t always rosy. The heroes frequently had problems (that was Marvel’s Ace in the hole) as well as they frequently discovered themselves in some quite intense situations, however I understood that Spider-Man, Batman, the amazing Four, Thor, Superman, the X-Men, as well as all the rest would behave heroically to defeat their enemies. as well as yes, some superheroes even lost their lives in those struggles. however they always seemed to operate under the credo of “if we behave like the people we’re fighting; we ended up being no much better than them.” I’ve checked out variations of that statement in numerous comics as well as it has influenced numerous of my beliefs as an adult. The heroes were inspiring as well as the sense of question I got from reading these stories was palpable.


Then came books like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, as well as Miracleman by Moore as well as artists such as Alan Davis as well as Gary Leach. These were much darker stories that posited that if superheroes truly existed, they wouldn’t fill people with question as well as influence them however they would instead fill people with fear. These were interesting as well as entertaining stories, as well as they influenced other writers as well as artists to comply with their lead. This led to what is frequently understood as The Dark Age of superhero comics in the 1990s where grim as well as gritty replaced question as well as inspiration. a few of the new heroes who were introduced during this time around behaved practically as terribly as the villains they faced.

This is not to state whatever was sweetness as well as light in superhero comics when I very first started reading them. The Punisher was introduced in the 70s (though I don’t believe numerous visitors believed of him as a hero till years later), a lot of people were afraid to death of the Hulk, as well as the X-Men were frequently hated as well as feared by those they helped. however in the situation of the X-Men, the truth that they behaved as heroes despite that was inspirational.

Spawn #7

Eventually, I believe things type of balanced out between the inspiring as well as the grim as well as gritty, though things have certainly taken a much more gritty turn in the last couple years. people state that it much more accurately shows exactly how the world truly is. And, to an degree that’s true, however I believe it only shows a part of the world. Plus, part of the reason I checked out superhero comics is for an getaway from the genuine world. If I want a horrible story about the genuine world, all I requirement to do is turn on the evening news. people are likewise quick to point out that the world is a different location now than in was in the 70s as well as 80s. I’m not naïve. I understand that’s true. However, superheroes influenced during times of civil unrest, assassinations, as well as war in the past. Couldn’t we utilize that sense of question as well as motivation now as well?

Have I painted superhero comics quite broadly here? Yep. are there superhero comics that autumn outside of the lines I’ve pointed out here? Of course. Yet this rings true to me in general. But, bottom line, this all comes down to taste. If you like dark, gritty superheroes, that’s cool. Personally, if I requirement a hero, I want one who inspires, not one who makes me want to hide. What do you think?

Now, go checked out a comic!

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