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Batman #30
DC Comics
Snyder, Capullo & Miki

The final part to Snyder’s Year Zero Batman storyline begins in this issue. It’s not exactly a great jumping on point but it does supply a good baseline for a curious reader that sets up the story from this point going forward. The opening issue has a couple of extraordinary visuals to help make the comic pop a little bit. Overall, it’s a very good comic book.
The comic book opens with Bruce Wayne in some stranger’s apartment. apparently in an unconscious state for some undetermined time period, Wayne has been nursed back to health by a random family. When Wayne awakes he gets information from the kid of the family which helps the reader understand what’s going on.

Basically, The Riddler has taken over Gotham City. much of what is set up here is simply not in any way believable. However, Wayne gets in contact with Alfred who fills in the gaps. The great part about this issue is that Snyder tackles the ridiculousness of the state of Gotham head on. While a lot of what occurs is explained, the parts that aren’t are left open as part of the plot.

This book also solidifies the alliance between Gordon and Batman. It’s a great moment that I won’t spoil but it is one that would be underappreciated if you haven’t been reading the entire Zero Year storyline.

The best part of the issue Capullo’s art. particularly the double page spread of the new Gotham in the beginning of the book. Capullo also captures the action of the “dominoes” in chaotic fashion that makes the sequence perfect. Overall, the story wouldn’t be nearly as good without Capullo’s art.

Batman is the best book on DC’s schedule and has been for some time. The book has a consistent story that jumps around the timeline but holds true to the character and puts the pieces in place of a bigger story that keeps Snyder’s overall theme in mind perfectly. This particular issue puts Batman and Gotham in one of the worst positions possible but the happiness will be enjoying Batman pull himself and the city out of it. It’s a good issue and is one of the best reads month in and out. I recommend checking this comic out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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