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Beau Smith With Lora Innes (The Dreamer) In The Lap Of Luxury. Proving There Is genuine joy In Comic Books!

by beloved Smith

I’ll be the very first to admit, I requirement to regain a few of my joy of comic books.

I realized this the other day while reading a few of the comic book news sites as well as noticing that so many of the articles as well as message boards were quite much joyless. The articles themselves were full of printed “rolling eyes,” as well as had sufficient sneering to make Snidley Whiplash twirl his mustache. The postings by the visitors had even more venom. If I were to depend totally on the comments of Web posters, I’d question exactly how comic books handle to offer 100 copies a month.

Please don’t get me wrong, there are others that do publish their pleasure of today’s comic books, however I did notice that their postings are usually short as well as are treated by others as boring. That ain’t a great thing in my book. I understand I’d rather be happy than sad, I’d rather be in a great mood than a poor one, however on these sites I’m seeing so much truth show type of attitudes it can be a bit disheartening.

This is my 25th year working in the comic book business as well as I’ll fess up that sometimes being in the belly of the beast can stomp on your joy a bit. I’ve seen the extremely ugly side of comic books that no visitor should ever see. I’ve likewise experienced wonders within comic books that can only come from being a part of the development as well as production of comic books. I wouldn’t trade that for anything else in entertainment as well as a hobby.

The Avengers Movie

I comprehend as well as recognize that it’s harder for today’s comic books to be as joy-filled as they might be since of publishers as well as writers gearing the storylines of mainstream comics more towards a diminishing older adult audience or trying to reproduce the movies that they currently enjoy. When you believe about it, mainstream comic books shouldn’t be slanted towards males, ages 35 to 55 only. A great writer can craft a story that catches a wider base of visitors of all ages as well as genders. It was done for decades, it can be done now. The recent IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, as well as AVENGERS movies proved that. I never believed the day would come when I’d state that Hollywood “got” comic book characters much better than comic books did.

Captain America: very first Avenger Movie

I’m not stating this as a “catch all” statement, I just understand that for me, it’s a part of my lost joy of comic books. I recognize as a visitor I’ve gotta be more cautious with the money I spend on comics. I can’t let myself squander my money on comics that I’m not going to get the cover cost of pleasure from. I understand as a writer I’m going to have to not compose just for me; I’m going to have to compose for everybody including me. There’s no method to do that 100% of the time, however if you try a bit harder, you can reach a few more people.

G.I. Joe By Chuck Dixon

Currently, mark Waid’s run of DAREDEVIL has brought me joy as has Ed Brubaker’s CAPTAIN AMERICA, as well as Chuck Dixon’s G.I. JOE series. Not only does the enjoyment come from reading the stories that are hand in hand with wonderful artwork, however the genuine joy comes from understanding that month after month I’m going to be happy with the stories I’m buying as well as reading. Consistency in content, that’s the goal. I say thanks to these guys for providing me that.

Recently I was at a regional comic book shop where a client had a couple of his young youngsters in tow. While their dad stacked up on boards as well as bags, his youngsters were acting out that they were Spider-Man as well as The Hulk. They were having a blast without disturbing anyone else in the shop as well as as I listened to them, I might see as well as hear that they were acting out the Spider-Man as well as Hulk they saw in the recent movies, not the comics. It utilized to be the other method around, however these youngsters got their joy elsewhere. bottom line is that I’m delighted they had some fun, however I’d like to see that fun come from comic books as well. I want that fun back for myself.

The other day I was sent a couple of links from a good friend that were parodies of the latest Batman: Dark Knight Rises films as well as the pop tune phone call Me Maybe. Both were funny, however one was all ages as well as the other was more for adults. Both were funny, however the one that might be watched by all ages seemed to have more pure joy to it as well as the method it was made. As most of you know, I’m rough as a cob as well as sling my share of cuss words as well as toss back my fair share of chilly ones, however I likewise understand that with my humor there are limits of who I can share with, so with the “cleaner”parody I had no issue in sharing it with others. It likewise caught that comic book joy that I’ve been speaking about. You can watch this as well as see that these guys must like comic books as well as the character Batman as well as just had some full throttle fun making this short. I’m not stating the other guys in the more adult version didn’t, however it seemed to me that they were trying to adult it up more to satisfy themselves even though their primary function was to share it with as many people as possible. There’s a location for everything, as well as I’m only speaking for me. For me to recapture a few of my comic book joy, I have to look beyond a smaller niche.

I’ve linked the more all ages Batman parody right here in really hopes that you can get some fun out of it as I did.

Please keep in mind when you checked out this column, you’re reading my thoughts as well as my opinions. I’m not trying to force them on you, just sharing. It’s always my hope that you’ll get some pleasure out of them, however I likewise recognize as well as appreciate that we don’t all believe alike. I say thanks to you for taking the time to checked out the column as well as as always publishing up any type of thoughts you may have on the subject.

Until next time, keep looking for the joy in comic books.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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