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Beau Smith “C’mere, provide us A huge Comic book Hug!”

by beloved Smith

When I go to a comic book convention or go into a comic book store, it makes me question not just what’s new or if I’m going to run into a good friend of mine, however much more so about the back problem I’m considering on buying.

Daredevil #5 Is beloved Smith’s name On The inside of This Comic Book?

Let me be a bit much more remove if that’s even possible. Recently, I was at my regional comic book shop, going with the back issues. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, just looking. Every now as well as then, I like to discover a preferred problem from my past that implies something special to me, one that may be in a bit much better shape that the one I have at house in my collection. I don’t do this since I’m a hardcore collector or anal about condition, I do it to catch a bit of “The excitement Of The Hunt” that I utilized to feel when I would travel from supermarket to medication store trying to discover any type of comic book.

Anyway, now as well as then I will discover some oddball comic book that I don’t own, or as discussed above, one that’s in much better condition than the one I already own. Memories will flood with my brain as I look at the problem as well as keep in mind the very first time I purchased that comic, or in the situation of one that I didn’t have, I ask myself exactly how did I ever miss it?

Back Issue: “Where have You Traveled?”

Just that moment alone is worth the time as well as effort of digging with the long box. With innovation as advanced as it is today, I question what it would be like to be able to track the bought life of the comic book I hold in my hands. I question what it would be like if it had a chip in the pages or a bar that you might scan as well as see the personal journey this comic book had been on because it was put on the shelf, or spinner rack, from its very first day on sale.

That data would show up on your computer, your iPad, wise Phone or device, as well as you might see the path it took as well as exactly how long it stayed at each purchase. I assumption it would kinda be like a CarFax for vehicles. You might phone call it a “ComicFacts” (Somebody trademark my idea…Quick!)

Speaking only for myself, I would discover this of excellent interest. phone call me strange or whatever, I’m just being truthful with you. I’ve always delighted in comic books, not just the story as well as art, however they whole process both innovative as well as business.

If you had this information, you’d understand if the comic book was a “One Owner” or a “Journeyman” comic that had been passed around a lot. You might see exactly how far a comic book had traveled. For example, it was originally offered new in San Diego, California, in 1967, as well as now in 2016 it is in a comic book shop in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I would discover that so interesting. It would likewise add to the comic book’s history. If you gather anything, you understand that a great deal of times the history or backstory to your product is in some cases the most interesting.

Future Quest #1 will YOUR name be on The inside of This Comic Book?

I’ve discussed before in a few of my columns that as a kid, I utilized to compose my name, the date, as well as where I purchased a comic on the inside page of the comic book. numerous decades later, when I’d go with my collection, I’d come across these comics, these “time capsules,” as well as it sure makes me smile as well as remember. I’d like for you as a visitor to be able to share that exact same delight with your comics.

Who knows, perhaps the next back problem you purchase at a convention or comic book store will have my name as well as purchase data inside. Be honest, after reading this, wouldn’t that make you smile?

Enjoy comic books, my friends.

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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