Atari force Returns!


As I’ve stated before, I truly liked Atari Force. Yes, it was originally a home-video-game tie-in, however the 20-issue series by (as Mike Sterling reminds us), Gerry Conway as well as Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was great science fiction with a motley team of characters beautifully drawn. Dart, the tough, tattooed bounty hunter, was my favorite.

Now comes word that Dynamite as well as Atari will be working together on a number of projects:

“a retrospective hardcover book comprised of pictures as well as idea artwork, in addition to behind-the-scenes info as well as interviews with those included in Atari’s history” — neat! I would like to understand what ultimately took the business down, because it seemed everybody I understood had one of their cartridge gaming consoles.

“original graphic novels as well as comics based on prominent Atari properties such as Asteroids, Centipede, rocket Command, Crystal Castles, as well as Tempest” — not so sure about this, because many of those games are easy shooters. I’m not sure what you’d take from the properties — other than the extremely widely known names.

Atari force reprints — yay! I can see if the material still stands up. It’s not always worthwhile to go back to your youth favorites. however in this case, I have faith.

Heidi’s protection begins with a picture of the Atari 2600, their best-known game system, as well as I’m having flashbacks to the days when you really had to screw things to your TV. Plug-and-play HDMI, scoff.

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