Media release — Eisner award winner James Kochalka is a master of lots of media, from comics to music to film and beyond… but one of his all-time a lot of beloved projects is his series of graphic novels for kids starring the little ghost Johnny Boo, and his pet ghost Squiggle. In the new issue of diamond Previews, we’re thrilled to unveil a brand-new adventure, Johnny Boo Goes like This, plus an awesome new boxed set of the series’ first five books, Johnny Boo’s big Boo Box — both coming in March 2016!Johnny Boo (Book 7): Goes like This! by James Kochalka
ISBN: 978-1-60309-384-2 • Diamond: JAN16-0450
$9.99 (US) • 48-page full-color hardcover, 6″ x 9″

Johnny Boo and Squiggle come across a gigantic pencil! Is it… magical? Whatever it is, when Johnny Boo draws with it, his drawings come to life. before you know it, they’re off on another adventure, filled with tigers, ice cream monsters, and genuinely amazing hairstyles. celebrate the power of creativity – the Johnny Boo way!

In stores March 2016!

Johnny Boo’s big Boo Box! by James Kochalka
ISBN: 978-1-60309-385-9 • Diamond: JAN16-0451
$39.99 (US) • Slipcase set of five 40-page full-color hardcover graphic novels, 6″ x 9″ x 2″

Collecting Johnny Boo’s first five fan-favorite adventures, from Johnny Boo: the best little Ghost in the world to Johnny Boo Does Something!

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