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The Elephant Princess Redhead Penguin dog Edition

KC Carlson

by KC Carlson

Avengers Vs. X-Men

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Although this one’s most likely as well huge not to talk about, Marvel’s upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men event will be close to just printing money for the home of Ideas. however it likewise stands a quite great possibility of being a great checked out thinking about the skill that’s lined as much as tell the tale. Writers are Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, as well as Ed Brubaker. (Architects all!) artists are Frank Cho, John Romita, Jr., Olivier Coipel, as well as Adam Kubert. It starts off in March with a 40-page #0 problem (order NOW!) by Bendis, Aaron, as well as Cho that sets up whatever for the 12-issue, bi-weekly primary event.

The story revolves around redheads. hope Summers (the very first mutant born after home of M/Decimation as well as star of Generation Hope) as well as the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) are the featured players in AvX #0. Wanda has been mainly off-camera since home of M, except for Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. (The promotion for AvX kinda spoiled the ending of that series, although marvel most likely really hoped that it would have been all wrapped up before now.) as well as it’s been rumored that a specific Phoenix force may be included in the primary event, triggering rumors of a third flame-haired female appearing — who is the genuine elephant in the space — as well as completing the redhead trifecta.

Considering that two out of these three characters (Hope’s quite new, still) have been both cherished as well as battered by marvel storytellers over decades of appearances, as well as that the story will be utilizing a few of those more questionable (some decades-old) storylines of the past as touchstones, as well as that these present writers weren’t named “Architects” for nothin’ — well, it appears like Avengers vs. X-Men is one of those stories that might provoke both brickbats as well as bouquets, in addition to taking the marvel world into a totally new as well as different place. For it to truly succeed as a contemporary classic, it must have at least as much genuine closure as ahead momentum. ‘Nuff said.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

BTW, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade is being collected in full, in a 248-page hardcover edition (with extras), just before AvX comes out. other present series that will obviously be practical to understand about in advance will be fear Itself as well as Schism, in addition to older events like home of M as well as even the original death of Phoenix story. (Homework!) If nothing else, Avengers vs. X-Men will be rewarding to those fans who have been looking for solution to long-standing questions. will we get them? I dunno, however I trust most of the guys composing this to at least tell a excellent story!

Avengers Assemble #1

MORE AVENGERS! ALL THE TIME!: As if Avengers vs. X-Men wasn’t huge enough, there’s an Avengers movie this summer! You understand what that means: more Avengers books than there are Kardashians! very first up is a new monthly title– Avengers Assemble — by Brian Bendis as well as mark Bagley, telling all-new, in-contunity Avengers tales focusing on the characters that star in the movie (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, as well as Hawkeye). The major villains in this new series will be the new Zodiac. It’s currently arranged to be an continuous comic, however don’t be surprised if it wraps up (or gets a new writer) when Bendis retires from the Avengers books later this year. There’s likewise Prelude to Marvel’s The Avengers (perhaps the most tiring comic book title ever), a four-issue series designed for the general, non-comics reading public to explain exactly how the Avengers as well as other longtime marvel groups (like S.H.I.E.L.D.) really operate. It’s stated to be one of the “Official marvel Cinematic world tie-in comics” — whatever the heck that is!

Avengers: The road to The Avengers

In Avengers-related collected books, there’s Avengers: The road to The Avengers (Huh? Marvel’s routine title guy must be off this month), a 256-page collection of traditional in-contunity stories of the movie’s star characters (mostly Iron guy as well as Cap). Avengers: legion of the Unliving is a 256-page collection about your preferred dead (but not Zombie™) Avengers throughout their history. Avengers: West coastline Avengers Assemble is a new version of a previous collection focusing on the early years of the Hawkeye-led West coastline team (with chosen other stores). For more Hawkeye, see Avengers: Hawkeye — Solo, collecting the recent Avengers: Solo miniseries.

Avengers: Mythos

Avengers: Mythos collects the recent Avengers origins solo books including Thor, Ant-Man as well as the Wasp, Scarlet Witch as well as Quicksilver, as well as Luke Cage, together with Mythos: Hulk as well as Mythos: Captain America. Plus, marvel Masterworks: Avengers volume 4 is now offered in paperback format. Finally, there is Avengers Assembled: An Oral history of Earth’s Mightiest Avengers, collecting the obviously much-reviled text back-up features from the very first lots or so Avengers (2010) as well as new Avengers (2010) issues, written by Brian Bendis. This 176-page collection features traditional Avengers art by Jack Kirby, Don Heck, John Buscema, Neal Adams, as well as others, as well as it will include never-before-printed chapters by Bendis. This is on my must-have listing this month, as I like oral histories, even built fictional ones. A recent oral history about the music video age (I want My MTV!) was a must-read for enthusiasts of pop culture, as well as this Avengers book stands a possibility of having similar appeal.

X-Men season One

THREE more season ONES: marvel offers three more original season One hardcover graphic novels featuring their biggest characters in March, complying with up their very first one (Fantastic Four) from last month. X-Men, written by Dennis Hopeless as well as penciled by Jamie McKelvie, retells the tale of the original five mutants (Cyclops, marvel woman (Jean Grey), Angel, Iceman, as well as the Beast) arriving at professor Charles Xavier’s institution for mutants. as well poor they’re attacked by Magneto as well as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! . . . Daredevil is written by Antony Johnston as well as penciled by Wellington Alves, retelling the early days of the guy Without Fear… as well as obviously it may not be what we remember! . . . Spider-Man, written by Cullen Bunn as well as penciled by Neil Edwards, “retells the biggest origin story of all time, retold for a new generation.” All three books are 136-page hardcovers, all offered in March, as well as all include a reprint of a present marvel hit (Uncanny X-Men (2012) #1, Daredevil (2011) #1, as well as Avenging Spider-Man #1, respectively). Plus, gain access to to a digital copy at no extra charge.

Amazing Spider-Man #682

MARVEL short TAKES: amazing Spider-Man #682 begins “the Doc Ock story that you’ve waited 50 years for.” Does that mean you have to be older than 50 to appreciate it? (Yay, a comic book particularly for me! Fffffppppth to you, DC!) Does anyone really edit Marvel’s hype copy? BTW, I’m just joking around. amazing Spidey is one of the most consistently excellent books of the past few years — as well as doesn’t get sufficient credit history for it! . . . one of Marvel’s more fascinating alternating universes is getting its own continuous series by Dave Lapham as well as Roberto de la Torre. Age of Apocalypse #1 spins out of recent stories in point One as well as Uncanny X-Force. looks extremely Apocalyps-tastic! . . . The very first chapter of what will be the most questionable story of 2012 (they stated it, not me) will be in Astonishing X-Men #48. looks controversal-istic! . . . as well as in what one really hopes isn’t a new trend, there a whole lot of Last problems in Marvel’s listings this month. gather them all!

Funny stuff by Frank Frazetta

FUNNY stuff BY FRAZETTA: It’s always tough for artists when they get stereotyped into just one style of drawing (as so commonly occurs with today’s superhero artists). however it occurs to everybody. state the name Frank Frazetta to most folks, as well as the very first thing they’ll believe of is either barbarians or babes (or barbarian babes). most of his career was spent illustrating brutal as well as fierce stories or paintings, however Frazetta likewise had a “secret” side during his early creative life. That world is explored in funny stuff by Frank Frazetta, a new large-format hardcover from Yoe Books/IDW. At 256 pages, we get a significant sampling of funny animals, hillbilly cartoons, as well as adorable gals like teen Kathy as well as Daisy-Mae lookalike Clarabelle — all without a single sword or loincloth! Frazetta collaborator Ralph Bakshi (Fire as well as Ice) provides an introduction in addition to a special painting of the duo as funny animals for the cover. appears like one more excellent hardcover collection from IDW, edited as well as designed by Craig Yoe, as well as cheerfully recommended.

Outland: The total Collection

PENGUIN POWER! IDW’s acclaimed Bloom region book series may have wrapped up last year, however there still more Berkeley Breathed barmyness to find in 2012. very first up is Outland: The total Collection, a 320-page hardcover reprinting every published Outland strip, many of which have never been collected. Outland was a Sunday-only strip, running from 1989-1995, as well as was a thematic sequel to Bloom region (debuting just four weeks after the former strip wrapped up), featuring many of the exact same cast members. As a special bonus, we’ll be treated to more of the unusual Academia Waltz — the college strip thatBreathed created prior to Bloom County. later this year, IDW will wrap up its Breathed trifecta with a total collection of his Opus strip. (Yay! I got a vintage Yuppie Opus plushie for Christmas!)

Fairest #1

DC COMICS: Fairest is a new Fables spin-off with a turning innovative cast. writer expense Willingham as well as artists Phil Jimenez as well as Andy Lanning provide the art for the very first six-issue story arc. told with diverse parts of horror, humor, as well as adventure, Fairest explores the trick histories of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Snow White, increased Red, as well as others. Or, in other words, whatever that Walt Disney ever wished to hide from you (probably in his fabled vault!). Adam Hughes (who understands something about drawing females) is the routine cover artist, starting with a wraparound cover for #1 featuring the entire cast. Future story arcs will be written as well as drawn by other top creators including Chris Roberson (iZombie) as well as Shawn McManus (Fables) as well as Lauren Beukes as well as Inaki Miranda.

Batman: death By Design

DC short TAKES: Batman: death by style (Deluxe Edition) is a new 112-page hardcover Batman graphic book written by Chip Kidd with art by Dave Taylor with a story centered around design as well as explosions. Yay. huge buildings go boom. DC’s solicitation materials don’t state why this is being called a Deluxe Edition, beyond it being in hardcover. So, caveat emptor, everybody! . . . The much-beloved night force series is being revived this month as a six-issue miniseries by co-creator Marv Wolfman as well as artist Tom Mandrake (taking over for the late co-creator gene Colan) with a hundreds-of-years-old conspiracy confronting Baron Winters as well as his crew. . . As mentioned previously, March will see the publication of the final problem of small Titans (sniff). I’m sure that Art as well as Franco’s new Superman household Adventures (currently arranged to debut in a DC 2012 free Comic book Day comic) will likewise be fun, however if Krypto isn’t a super-dog (he’s been replaced in SFA by “Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse”), then that’s just the epitome of dumb decisions by present DC management. who doesn’t like dogs? DC Comics doesn’t! That’s virtually un-American!

Showcase Presents: All-Star Squadron

DC COLLECTIONS: DC is offering a genuine mixed bag of reprints this month with the first-ever collection of DC’s traditional world war II superhero series in showcase Presents: All-Star Squadron, by Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway, as well as others, collecting the very first 18 issues, plus the traditional crossover with Justice league of America. Superman: tricks of the Fortress of Solitude collects 200 pages of Superman stories about his Super-Clubhouse, from a big variety of decades, by an all-star lineup of creators. then there’s the second volume of the questionable trick society of Super-Villains hardcover, collecting most (but not all) of the great stuff that they left out of the very first volume (after the fact). Plus, (and finally!), new paperback versions of prominent hardcovers Jack Kirby’s fourth world Omnibus volume 2 as well as Gotham central book 4. as well as brand new editions of old as well as incomplete collections Batman: Knightfall volume 1 as well as Batman: No Man’s Land volume 2 — now including chapters not previously collected. however the huge news is DC’s very first collected hardcovers of a number of new 52 series: Justice League, Batman, eco-friendly Lantern, as well as question lady — all collecting the very first six problems of the new 52 series. Bob Greenberger will be along soon with a close-up look at Batman: The Court of Owls. (He’ll likewise take a peek at Marvel’s Elektra by Greg Rucka ultimate Collection.)

SPEAKING OF THE new 52: DC is likewise releasing 52 new #7 problems in March, many of which have considerable creator changes. Don’t fail to remember to inspect your mileage.

Archie’s Sunday Finest

ARCHIE: fans of traditional Archie have a double dose coming with Archie’s Sunday Finest as well as Archie Archives volume 5. The former’s from IDW, as well as it’s a buddy to their Archie: The traditional newspaper Comics (1946-1948) by Bob Montana. Which was an amazing as well as eye-opening volume of Archie like you’ve never seen before (unless you’re truly old as well as checked out these strips firsthand). Archie’s Sunday Finest covers approximately the exact same age (late 40s-early 50s), except these are the Sunday strips — as well as they’re all in color in a nice huge hardcover format. The very first IDW Archie volume was an Eisner award champion (Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips), as well as it’s likely that thi

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